Startups Are The Asset Class Your Portfolio Is Missing

Other Investments

Angel investing sounds like an area of investing that is reserved for millionaires and billionaires. On top of that, it seems much too risky for regular investors. However, it turns out that if you apply the power of diversification and basic business principles, this asset class can be a great addition to your portfolio.

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Recession Resistant Investing with Self-Storage


  The self-storage industry’s status as a “recession-resistant business” is being put to the test during the Coronavirus pandemic. But despite a sour economy, facility investors and operators will likely benefit in the coming months. Coronavirus may be relatively new to the world, but it’s created the same effects we see in the markets during […]

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Self-Directed Investing: The Journey


Looking back to 2005, it’s hard to believe that a college internship expo would be one of the most pivotal moments in my career.  Like every other young and eager college student at the event, I stood in long lines at all the “brand” name firms just to hand over a resume, while ignoring the […]

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