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Bulk Transfers

Looking for a new home for your offering? You’re in the right place!

NuView Exceeds your Custodial Needs

Is your asset/offering being resigned from your current custodian? Let NuView step in and ease the pain of your asset transfer.


The NuView Advantage

Best In-Class Support

You can always expect friendly faces that answer the phone ready to assist you. You can reach our team not only through phone call and email, but also through our new texting capabilities.

Faster Funding Time

NuView takes on what other custodians are not able to. With our dedicated Onboarding Team, we provide a 48-hour turnaround time, so that your clients can fund their deals faster.

Custodial Consolidation

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple custodians, different paperwork, and various processes. NuView offers a simplified, cost-effective solution by being a full-service custodian – ready to take on your every custodial need.

Competitive Pricing Structures

Our experience over the years has allowed us to define a proven process that delivers top-notch custodial solutions while keeping our affordable fees.

We Specialize in Bulk Transfers

Stop losing clients due to high fees and transfers out due to assets being resigned from traditional custodians. NuView specializes in bulk transfers —keeping the onboarding process simple and cost-effective. With our help, we can minimize the time, effort, and paperwork involved so you can devote more time to focusing on your clients and their needs.

To facilitate the most seamless transfer process, NuView has a dedicated Advisory Solutions Onboarding Team to provide you with the necessary forms and steps to successfully transfer your accounts to NuView Trust within the established deadlines set by the resigning custodian(s).

Fund Your Next Deal with Self-Directed IRA Investors

3 Steps to Take When Your Assets Are Resigned

Step 1: Contact NuView’s Onboarding Team

Contact our onboarding specialists for more information on NuView’s custodial solutions.

For Advisory Solutions, contact: or 407-305-0686

For Syndication Solutions, contact: or 407-305-0675

Step 2: New Account Application

Obtain the specific NuView New Account Application and Transfer Form associated with your business type (both PDF and DocuSign formats available below). 

Step 3: Complete the Account

Complete the account application and transfer form and return to NuView along with the most recent account statement from the current custodian.

NuView will establish the new account and coordinate the subsequent transfer of the investment(s) from the current custodian to NuView.

Once asset paperwork has been received by NuView, the asset will be re-registered from the old custodian’s custody to NuView’s custody.

NuView will submit the updated registration information directly to the investment sponsor (or their transfer agent) to ensure all systems are updated to reflect NuView as the new custodian

Don't Take Our Word For It.
Hear What Our Customers Say.


“I transferred my self-directed Roth IRA to NuView Trust. I dealt with Brian Martinez and found him very professional and very knowledgeable. The process was so much easier than with my previous custodian. The fees that NuView charges are much less than my previous custodian. I would highly recommend them.” -Susan


“My experience with NuView has been nothing short of excellent! They have been very responsive to my needs, always available to answer questions in areas that I am not the most knowledgeable and a good value. In short, they are a very well run organization looking to provide value add for their clients.” -Bill


“NuView Trust has been extremely knowledgeable guiding us in the use of self-directed IRA for investments purposes. They are professional, and easy to work with. A great asset to add to your team of trusted professionals.” -Edith


“I’m new to self-directed IRAs and to NuView and therefore have a lot of questions. The staff at NuView have provided prompt answers with a helpful and friendly attitude. And the turnaround time for check processing is amazing. I’m so glad I chose to partner with NuView.” -Diane