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NuView Retirement Account Types

Traditional IRA

Contribution Limits: 2024


$1,000 catch-up (Age 50+)

Roth IRA

Contribution Limits: 2024


$1,000 catch-up (Age 50+)


Contribution Limits: 2024

25% of compensation

up to $69,000


Contribution Limits: 2024


$3,500 catch-up (Age 50+)

Additional Accounts Available

Health Savings Account

Contribution Limits: 2024

Single $4,150

Family $8,300

$1,000 catch-up (Age 55+)

Coverdell Education Savings Account

Contribution Limits: 2024

$2,000 per child per year

SoloQRP (Solo 401k)

Contribution Limits: 2024


$7,500 catch-up (Age 50+)

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“I transferred my self-directed Roth IRA to NuView Trust. I dealt with Brian Martinez and found him very professional and very knowledgeable. The process was so much easier than with my previous custodian. The fees that NuView charges are much less than my previous custodian. I would highly recommend them.” -Susan


“My experience with NuView has been nothing short of excellent! They have been very responsive to my needs, always available to answer questions in areas that I am not the most knowledgeable and a good value. In short, they are a very well run organization looking to provide value add for their clients.” -Bill


“NuView Trust has been extremely knowledgeable guiding us in the use of self-directed IRA for investments purposes. They are professional, and easy to work with. A great asset to add to your team of trusted professionals.” -Edith


“I’m new to self-directed IRAs and to NuView and therefore have a lot of questions. The staff at NuView have provided prompt answers with a helpful and friendly attitude. And the turnaround time for check processing is amazing. I’m so glad I chose to partner with NuView.” -Diane