Syndication Solutions

NuView is here to support YOU!

Our syndication solutions platform was built to support your capital raising efforts by making it as simple as possible for investors who wish to use their retirement accounts to fund your deals.


IRAs Are a Great Source of Funding for Your Next Syndication Deal

While real estate syndications can be immensely profitable, they are also capital-intensive projects. As a result, savvy syndicators are receptive to exploring every avenue when it comes to funding their deals, especially using retirement accounts to fund deals.

Why Syndicators Choose NuView

Let us educate your investors about their option to invest on a tax-deferred or tax-free basis into your offering so you can focus on building your investor network and courting them into your deals.

Illiquidity is a Non-Issue With Retirement Account Investors

Retirement account investors are generally more receptive to investing in an illiquid or non-public offering with their savings that are meant to be invested long-term. In short, offering an IRA option to your investors can make your deal more appealing, enabling you to complete your capital raise much faster than when relying on taxable dollars alone.

We Make Lightning-Fast Deal Funding Possible

NuView uses the ACAT system which makes the transfer of cash from one brokerage firm to another much faster. This allows for your deals to fund lighting quickly since we can obtain investor cash at a faster rate.

NuView Assigns You A Dedicated Personal Relationship Manager

Syndicators are assigned a personal relationship manager, providing you with a dedicated contact to answer questions and streamline account administration activities. Your relationship manager can assist investors with their account-related questions and provide real-time administrative support.

Find Your Next Deal with Self-Directed IRA Investors

Onboarding Your Deal is Simple

Step 1: Onboard Your Asset - Complete Our Asset Information Worksheet

First, complete and submit our Asset Information Worksheet and email your PPM to [email protected]. NuView will then process your offering, creates a unique symbol, assign a relationship manager, and provide you with customized investor paperwork.


Step 2: Introduce Your Investors to Your NuView Dedicated Relationship Manager

After your investors have been introduced to NuView, our Syndication Solutions Relationship Managers will assist them in opening their account(s) and getting them funded in a timely manner. Once funds are received, NuView remits funds and subscription documents as requested by the investor.

(Syndicator & Investor)

Step 3: Submit Completed PPM Documents To NuView

Complete and submit the PPM documents and wire instructions for your deal to your dedicated relationship manager via [email protected]

(Syndicator & Investor)

Step 4: Finalize Documentation & Start Investing

After all necessary documents have been received (in good order), along with the investor's funds, we will fund your deal within 2-3 business days. NuView will hold the assets within the investor’s IRA and retains ownership documents as requested by the investor.

(Syndicator & Investor)