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How to use your Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Secured and Unsecured Notes.

Private lending, including secured notes like mortgages with real estate collateral, has become one of the fastest-growing alternative asset segments for self-directed IRAs. It’s also one of the easiest investments to manage with minimal necessary maintenance. Each lender and borrower are able to set their own terms and collateral, and once combined with NuView’s fast funding process, this investment class can result in significant advantages for both parties.

Types of Private Loans

Secured Notes – Backed by collateral, providing the lender increased assurance of return on the loan amount and interest. The most common form of collateral for a secured note is real estate. However, notes can also be secured by non-real estate assets.

Unsecured Notes – Not backed by collateral, but you might consider an unsecured note for a friend or a non-disqualified relative. Remember, unsecured notes almost always present a higher risk, though sometimes for a higher reward, than secured notes.

Benefits of Private Lending

Passive Income - Lending is an investment option that doesn’t require managing a property.

Consistent Returns - Many private lending investments can yield a 10% or more annual percentage yield, especially when interest rates are high.

No Capital Gains - Lending from a Roth IRA shields you from capital gains tax.

Portfolio Diversification - Lending allows you to hedge against stock market volatility.

Social Lending - This investment class gives you the opportunity to lend money to a business focused on a social cause you are passionate about.

Issuing A Loan Process Is Simple

  1. Set up and fund a self-directed account with NuView Trust.

  2. Identify a borrower, and together determine the loan terms (including any collateral).

  3. Complete a NuView Purchase Authorization Packet and submit it with the loan documentation to NuView.

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