Season 2 Episode 13: Building Wealth, One Unit at a Time: Capitalizing on Self-Storage Investments

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In this episode, “Building Wealth, One Unit at a Time: Capitalizing on Self-Storage Investments,” our host Jason DeBono sits down with guest Sean Casterline, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and Registered Investment Advisor, to talk about alternative assets, emerging market trends, and investing in self-storage.

Sean has a wealth of experience, including leadership roles in both financial advisory firms and the self-storage sector. Sean is currently responsible for managing the Capital & Partner Solutions team. Additionally, Sean serves as a member of the Storage Units Executive Committee, and Storage Units Equity Management Committee. Drawing from his extensive background Sean discusses the evolving economic landscape and the appeal of defensive real estate assets, specifically self-storage units.

Throughout the episode, Jason and Sean explore alternative investing strategies, highlighting the shifts in today’s market and the importance of adaptability. From exploring self-storage investments to identifying possible opportunities within alternative asset classes, they offer practical advice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on emerging trends.

If you wish to contact Sean Casterline, please feel free to email him at or give him a call at 407-617-2747. You can also find his website by clicking here:

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