Season 2 Episode 14: Navigating Note Investments: A Comprehensive Overview

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Dive into notes! In our latest podcast episode, “Navigating Note Investments: A Comprehensive Overview,” we’re joined by Joshua Andrews, Managing Partner of Paper Profits, LLC, and an expert in note investments.

Joshua’s journey into note investing began in 2012 when he started using his funds to purchase mortgages in the secondary market. His progression from personal investments to involving friends and family, and eventually securing funding from accredited investors, underscores his strategic approach to scaling his note investment business.

Throughout this episode, we dive into a multitude of topics ranging from understanding loans and the loan market to dissecting interest rates, and market conditions. Jason and Joshua also discuss the intricacies of buying notes and the opportunities presented by private lending. Join them on a comprehensive exploration of a possible alternative investment strategy that may fit within your portfolio. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of this asset class and receive invaluable guidance on navigating note investments.

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