Season 2 Episode 15: Fixing and Flipping Notes

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In this captivating podcast episode titled “Fixing and Flipping Notes,” listeners are treated to a wealth of knowledge and insights from guest Lauren Wells and our host Jason DeBono.

Lauren Wells is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of 7e Investments. With a diverse real estate portfolio of over 100 assets, including both residential real estate and mortgage notes. Lauren’s expertise extends beyond traditional boundaries, encompassing sales, business development, and a dedication to financial literacy.

In this episode, listeners explore the intricate world of fixing and flipping notes. Jason and Lauren take a deep dive into the nuances of loans, mortgage notes, and the opportunities they present in the investment landscape. From dissecting strategies for rehabilitating borrowers to examining note flipping, the conversation is both enlightening and practical. As Lauren and Jason explore this unique asset class in the alternative investment landscape and share valuable insights, listeners are equipped with knowledge and inspiration to find financial freedom.

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