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Using a Self-Directed IRA to invest in Cryptocurrency

The benefit of holding cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin in a NuView Self-Directed IRA is that it gives you full control over your investments.  Our custodial services, combined with a properly structured LLC, ensure tax-deferred or tax free returns as your account grows.


What exactly is a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is simply a digital version of money that uses cryptography for security. It’s a digital asset designed to be used as a medium of exchange between two peers. The key feature of a cryptocurrency is that it is organic in nature; it is not issued by any central bank or authority, keeping it immune to government interference and/or manipulation. Typically cryptocurrency is stored within a digital wallet secured by a private key. Bitcoin, created in 2009, was the first decentralized cryptocurrency.

Types of Cryptocurrency

While Bitcoin is widely popular, there are a wide variety of other Cryptocurrencies you can invest in using your self-directed IRA including (but not limited to):
- Litecoin
- Peercoin
- Quark
- Primecoin
- Ripple
- Namecoin
- Nxt
- Mastercoin
- Exchangily

Take Control of Your Financial Future!

The Cryptocurrency Purchase Process

  1. Setup and fund your self-directed IRA with NuView Trust.
  2. Setup a single member LLC and operating agreement with your IRA along with a bank account for the entity.
  3. Submit a purchase authorization form to NuView to fund your LLC.
  4. Identify the cryptocurrency exchange you wish to use and setup a digital wallet.
  5. Link your wallet to the bank account and purchase the currency of your choice.

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