Is A Roth Conversion Right For You?

June 1, 2020

During these turbulent times, Benjamin Franklin’s famous idiom in his letter to Jean-Baptist Le Roy rings true, “…but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While taxes may be inevitable, there are some strategies that can be implemented that will prevent filing your returns from feeling like a do-it-yourself mugging. We’re not going to touch on the complicated and convoluted tax strategies of the uber-wealthy, there’s something much simpler that’s certainly worth considering and likely worth doing- a Roth conversion.

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Latest Housing Market Predictions 2020

May 29, 2020

Unpredictable and uncertain, are words that linger in our minds nowadays. Many of us are wondering what will happen a week or a month from now. A lot had put a hold on many things but the wise ones make good use of this time to plan and prepare.

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NuView Client Success Story: Self-Directed Freedom

Longtime NuView client, Richard, currently resides with his wife, Dolores, in Stuart, Florida, where he works as a professional real estate investor. Since getting his start with NuView in 2006, Richard has been able to directly invest his hard-earned retirement funds in what he knows best – the real estate market.

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