Client Success Story | Gregg C.

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with one of our wonderful clients, Mr. Gregg C., to learn a little bit more about his investing journey. It started when Gregg was working in construction and paying his way through school at Michigan State University. While doing this, he watched one of his professors invest in real estate and retire early in a multimillion-dollar home – an opportunity granted to him by his returns on investment. It was then that Gregg realized just how powerful investing in real estate could be, and it became his goal to become successful in the same way.

Shortly after Gregg moved to Florida in 2000, he became a mortgage broker and began his real estate investment journey. He was actively buying homes to flip and hold, until the 2008 real estate crash, when he lost almost everything he had worked so hard for. Unsure of where to turn next, Gregg went back to what he knew best – “swinging a hammer” in construction work.

In 2012, Gregg began working in the world of cabinetry, and after roughly 2 years, he decided to open his own company – Spectrum Cabinet Company. As luck may have it, Gregg met NuView CEO and Founder, Glen Mather, at a local real estate event and learned about self-directed IRAs. Over the years, Gregg continued to build a relationship with NuView, and finally decided to become a client in 2019 – opening up a Roth SDIRA.

Gregg opened his account with about $15,000 and began investing again. His first investment was a flip real estate property with a contractor, in which he loaned $15,000 out of his Roth, along with some personal finances. Since that initial investment, he has grown his Roth to just over $50,000 within 3 years and has continued to lend out to contractors. In the next few years, Gregg’s goal is to grow that substantially to be able to purchase real estate himself, using his Roth, and create a rental income.

Throughout our conversation with Gregg, he stated how much he appreciates the support and service that NuView provides. He explained that there was so much more to the business than just an exchange of services – it’s a relationship with the company itself and if it had not been for NuView, he would have never known there were other options out there for building wealth.

“Self-direction is the best option,” said Gregg. “When I learned about it, it made me rethink how I was choosing to save money – there is so much more opportunity here with NuView.”