The Basics of Self-Directed IRAs

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Vice president of NuView IRA, Jason DeBono, explains the basics of self-directed IRAs.

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Financial Advisors: Ignore the Opportunity of Self-Direction at your Own Peril!

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As President of NuView IRA, a leading retirement plan administration company in Orlando, I have the opportunity to speak to hundreds of investors and investor advisors each month. The single-most common question that is posed to our staff is… “Why haven’t I heard about self-directed retirement plans earlier?” IRA or retirement plan beneficiaries generally look […]

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Bad News? What Bad News!

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What a great time! Banks are no longer lending, no one wants to buy, and people are not paying their taxes. The Washington crowd is in disarray, the Federal Reserve is practically out of tricks, and the prospects of another recession, we are told, is a statistical possibility. Certainly those thrust out of work or […]

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Self-Directing: Unlocking your IRA

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Did you know that you can invest in real estate, mortgages, leases, and other asset backed investments inside your retirement plan? Indeed, since 1975 self-directed plans have been available, although relatively few IRA holders have taken the time to understand their options and take advantage of such retirement plans. There are three things you should […]

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Banking on your IRA – Through Lending

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A few years ago, a trio of elderly investors arrived at the reception area of my office in Orlando unannounced and without an appointment, a relatively rare occurrence. Being a good host, I invited them into my conference room, offered them coffee – then I placed several brochures in front of them, describing our self-directed […]

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Why Own Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium in an IRA?

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Only an IRA administrator would likely be aware that the ability of a private US citizen to own gold was returned on January 1, 1975. It shares a birthday with the first Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) – offering a tax-advantaged savings plan for retirees. The fact that those opportunities can be coalesced into purchasing precious […]

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Profiting Through Partnering

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As a season ticketholder of the Orlando Magic, this season has been a difficult one to watch. No matter how well the team performs, there is an overarching feeling of dread, as we may be losing our all-star center, Dwight Howard to free agency or a trade. Although the NBA has become a superstar focused […]

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