Podcast | soloQRP, UBIT, and Fair Market Value Reporting

Check out this episode of “The Real Estate Syndication Show” with Host, Whitney Sewell, and our very own NuView Trust President, Jason DeBono.

This conversation will leave you with a lot of newfound knowledge relating to elements of the real estate industry you may have known very little about before. You will hear about the benefits of IRAs and QRPs, as Jason shares an example of how much more fruitful your investments can be if you use tax-free or tax-deferred accounts, rather than taxable ones. Jason also explains what makes NuView unique in the retirement account space, the company’s stance on fair market value, and some of the requirements for setting up soloQRP and IRA accounts.

You will also hear about Jason’s firm belief in “clarity breaks,” the value he sees in meeting with people face to face, and the work he does for an NGO called Chair the Love. Curiosity has been a key contributing factor to his own success, so Jason encourages all of us to continuously learn as much as we can from others; this informative episode is a great place to start! 

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