Wrapping Up 2019

What an amazing year it has been – with only one more month to get our act together and make a final stab at fulfilling those personal promises we make in January.

I just returned yesterday with thirteen generous people from a trip to Belize, where I had the experience of giving away 280 new wheelchairs for use in the Jungle as well as in Belize City.  Changing people’s lives one chair at a time has been a rewarding time for our employees, donors, and many of our clients as well.  Our charity and 501(c)(3), Chair the Love, has given away over 3,000 chairs in the past two-and-a-half years and is accelerating thanks to many of you.

A few short hours ago, I left our local Rotary meeting and bumped into a friend who is a financial advisor.  He shared with me that so many of his clients want to maximize their yield and retire and even die wealthy – yet do not have a vision of how they can use their resources to serve others.  We commiserated on how empty a life without a purpose can be, regardless of how large your bank balances may be.

At NuView, we have a wide range of employees from all walks of life, religions, backgrounds, and even political viewpoints.  We use our core values to unite us, and one of our favorites is “Serving Others”.  This includes serving our clients, of course, but also each other and our communities, family, and God.  The demand for our charities has caused us to hire a permanent position – Charity Administrator – and we found a most passionate advocate, Elizabeth Lindenmuth, to keep us as organized.

As you continue to be a good steward of your retirement assets, we at Nuview wish you the happiest and joyest (if that is a word!) Christmas and holiday season.  May you find someone to help along the way, even if with just an encouraging word. If you want to join us in our Chair the Love endeavors, and potentially even a distribution trip in 2020, learn more by visiting Chairthelove.org.

May God bless you in a special way, and feel free to e-mail me at gmather@nuviewira.com and share your favorite way of serving others with us.  I’ll look forward to posting them on our website.

Glen Mather, NuView CEO