Time-Sensitive Year-End Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed

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Are you making the right decisions when it comes to saving for retirement? Did you know that the IRA ownership rate for small business owners is only about 36%?

It’s time to finally take control of your financial future with the soloQRP. What is a soloQRP, and how does it help me, a self-employed professional?

The soloQRP (qualified retirement plan) is the ultimate tax vehicle for self-employed individuals. This plan allows small business owners (without common-law employees) to establish a robust 401k plan for the owners and their spouses, without the complexities of standard 401ks.

Listen as NuView Trust President, Jason DeBono, discusses the ultimate retirement plan for the self-employed.

We cover:

1. Understanding the Basics

2. Benefits of the soloQRP

3. Alternate Investment Options

4. Solo 401(k) Participant Loan Option

5. Roth Saving Option

6. Additional Advantages of the soloQRP

7. Steps to Establish the Plan

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