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There’s an App for That…Simplify Your Business and Your Life with Google Drive

April 23, 2013

Guest article by Tom Jelneck:

About two years ago, my company had a problem.  We had way too many digital assets in way too many places.  Where’s that Photoshop file? Where did the press release draft get stored? This huge waste of time trying to hunt down digital files is not only a headache, but costs us money.  As our businesses create more and more digital files, the need for a one stop file repository is becoming mission critical in order to keep efficiency at peak levels. If you’re not crazy about housing power-sucking, maintenance hungry servers to store your data, keep reading.

Enter Google.  The search engine giant Google has developed some amazing tools that are making all of our lives much more efficient and manageable. Google has created a platform where you can create, collaborate, share, print and alter documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more through it’s cloud service Google Drive. All docs, email, calendars, etc., can be accessed from your desktop, your smartphone, your tablet, etc., which means you’ll never need to call your secretary back at the office to have them pull a file.  All of your files, emails, appointments, to-do lists, etc., all at your fingertips, 24/7.

Key Features:

  • Ability to upload and store multiple file formats in your Drive (you can upload Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, etc., and store them in Google Drive).
  • Ability to manage who in your organization has access to what.
  • Ability to manage how much data space users in your organization are using.
  • Ability to collaborate and share documents in real time.
  • Ability to sync online Drive with your local PC or Mac.

The Bottom Line:

If you need to streamline and simplify your business, consider Google Drive. It’s free, easy to use, robust and, best of all, doesn’t require hiring an expensive IT pro to keep it running smoothly.

Setting up Google Drive is simple, and it offers solid tech support to get you up and running.  Google continues to expand with products and improvements on integral tools (like Search and Maps), and it will continue to innovate and create making it a robust technology partner for any business.

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