Season 2 Episode 12: Legal Updates: LLCs & Real Estate Commissions

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Listen now to our new episode titled “Legal Updates: LLCs & Real Estate Commissions.” During this episode we hear from our host Jason DeBono, and guest, Joe Seagle, attorney and owner of Aspire Legal Solutions. Joe’s firm serves as a beacon for individuals navigating the intricate landscape of asset purchasing, protection, and succession planning.

During this episode, Joe will discuss the intricacies of legal updates surrounding LLC ownership and realtor commissions in today’s real estate market. With his extensive legal background, Joe offers invaluable insights into the latest developments. From the details of checkbook control LLCs to pivotal shifts in realtor commission regulations, this episode serves as a guide for anyone navigating the legal terrain of real estate investments and brokerage.

As Jason and Joe unravel the complexities of these significant legal updates, listeners are given the knowledge needed to stay ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.

If you wish to contact Joe Seagle, please feel free to email his team at or give them a call at 8448422774.

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