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Podcast | How To Build Tax-Free Wealth Using A Self-Directed IRA (Part 1)

June 8, 2020

How would you like to grow your wealth on a tax-deferred or tax-free basis? Host, Marco Santarelli, has the answer for you: self-directed IRA. This type of retirement account is designed to allow investors to diversify their portfolio, giving you the freedom to invest in different retirement assets and, consequently, the advantage to increase the potential for growth. In this episode, Marco extends to you this amazing tool that you can add in your investment toolkit. Together with Glen Mather, the president and CEO of NuView Trust Company, they dish out some valuable info that you’ll want to pay attention to so that you can recognize how you can start, grow, and leverage your retirement savings. Follow through in this great conversation to take control of your financial future, and tax-free at that!

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