NuView Trust Self-Directed IRA Walkthrough | IRA Tips From A Specialist

Did you know that you could combine the power of compounding interest, a tax-sheltered investment vehicle, and cash-flowing investments like real estate?

You can! And you would do it with a NuView Self-directed IRA.

Hey Everyone! Today, we are giving a little bit of a public service announcement to anybody that’s started investing – and we mean investing in general. So if you’ve got Robinhood on your phone, Webull, or any of the smaller brokerages, and you’ve gotten started in investing, keep reading below for some valuable IRA tips.

We’d like to broaden your horizons a little bit. Let’s jump in to IRAs!

SDIRAs Are No Different

A self-directed IRA is no different than the ones you could get at Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, or any of the others. The main difference is the custodian and what they’ll allow you to invest in.

If you ask one of those custodians for permission to invest in a piece of real estate, and they are going to look at you like you’re crazy. You just can’t do that through those types of brokerages.

Instead, you’ll want to come to NuView. We’ll set you up with a Roth IRA, a traditional IRA, as well as different types of employer plans that are all tax-sheltered, health savings accounts (HSAs), and education savings accounts (ESAs).

And with any of these, you can invest in alternative assets, like real estate and promissory notes, so you can be the bank with your tax-sheltered retirement or investment vehicle, and your HSA, ESA, or all of them.

At NuView Trust Company, our clients are investing in alternatives. Meaning stuff outside the stock market that cash flows.

How To Set Up A Self-Directed IRA With NuView Trust Company | NuView’s SDIRA Process

The process of setting up your own self-directed IRA with NuView Trust Company can really be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Open your NuView self-directed IRA, or one of the other tax-sheltered investment vehicles we have.
  2. Have funds moved into that account either by a yearly contribution, rollover from a 401k plan, or through a transfer from another IRA, HSA or ESA.
  3. Work with our investment specialists.

How To Work With Investment Specialists

Now, our investment specialists are going to need a couple of specific things from you to facilitate the investment.
This usually comes in the form of supporting documents for the investment and a purchase authorization form, which serves as your written legal authorization for NuView to invest your IRA funds in the manner you desire.

IRA Tips On Investing In Multiple Asset Classes

What does investing actually look like for different asset classes? In the next section, we’ll differentiate between investing in real estate, promissory notes, and private entities.

Investing In Real Estate

For real estate specifically, it is a complicated process, but it really is no different than buying a piece of real estate in your own name. Only now, this purchase is being done in the name of your NuView self-directed IRA or other tax-sheltered investment vehicle.

The titling in this case, would be:

NuView Trust Company, FBO (for the benefit of), your name, your account number

Now you can also partner different accounts together as well.

So there’s no limit to the amount of investment vehicles you can have at NuView. And you can actually partner them all together to boost your buying power as well.

Since it’s a different name on the purchase contract or title, that also means that a NuView representative will need to sign off on those documents at closing.

So again, the process is exactly the same, except the purchaser name is different. Legally speaking, the entity that’s investing here is different, and because of that, that entity needs to sign off on the documents. 

Keep this in mind as that applies to the other investment types as well. 

Investing In Promissory Notes

The next one we’ll talk about is promissory notes. These are loans. It’s a PROMISE to pay. 

It’s no different than you getting a car loan or mortgage for a home purchase. But in this case, you are actually the lender. You are the bank with your IRA, HSA, or 401k.

To facilitate an investment like that at NuView, what we need on our end is:

  1. A purchase authorization form – because we need your approval to act
  2. (For a note, as we call it) a copy of the note itself if the note is secured
    • If the note is not secured, or not collateralized, NuView will need the original note itself.

Now secured means you have collateralized the note. It could be collateralized by the investment property itself that the purchase is of, or respectively collateralized by anything, really. It’s up to you to work out those terms with the borrower.

Investing In Private Entities

The third asset type will cover today is private entities. For this, you will just need a purchase form.

Private entities could be LLCs, LPs, different funds that are pooling money together, or maybe from accredited investors for a large scale investment, (something like a syndication, apartment complex, or things of that nature).

Particularly for LPs or LLCs, there will also be an operating agreement or a subscription agreement, containing  these details of the investment and what your return on investment (ROI) will be.

So just like with real estate and promissory notes, investing in private entities is not much different from doing these investments in your personal name. The only thing that’s different is the legally defined entity doing the actual investing and who will be signing off on behalf of that entity.

Investing Self-Directed IRAs With NuView Trust Company

That’s the process of investing your self-directed IRA in a couple of asset classes – arguably the three most popular with other NuView clients. 

They get cashing benefits from those inside a tax-sheltered account, and they will be compounding that interest year over year, all the way until their retirement, and ideally leaving a legacy.

If you have any questions about how the process works for other asset types, we’d be happy to speak with you. Just give us a call at (407) 708-1853 or email: [email protected].

And stay tuned to NuView Trust Company for more continuing education about self-directed IRAs.

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