Investment Strategies For A Bear Market In 2022 – IRA Quick Tips

Are we in a bear market? Are we heading toward a bear market? But more importantly, what do you invest in when we hit a bear market?

A Word From NuView Trust Company

Hi! It’s Nate Hare with NuView Trust Company, and no, I’m not here to give you tax, legal, or investment advice. That’s not my job. But what I will say is: it was very interesting to me to see online what people invest in, in a bear market.

Popularized Bear Market Investments

I saw everything from “sell everything and turn all your stocks to cash”, to “leave your money on the sideline and wait for other opportunities”, to  “go long”, or to “put money in a different type of investment like a government bond”. All of those alternatives didn’t really excite me: government bonds, CDs, things that pay 2%, etc.

Have you looked at inflation lately? We are at 40 year highs with inflation – it’s near 7%!  Getting anything less than that means you’re going broke safely.

Alternative Investments For A Bear Market

Have you ever considered investing in something outside of the market, especially if we’re in a bear market? Have you looked at investing in real alternative assets?

I’m talking about assets like rental property, commercial property, multifamily property, notes secured by real property, and even cryptocurrency.  These are alternative investments that our clients at NuView Trust Company choose in their self-directed IRAs.

Imagine an asset like real estate, for example, which is a tangible asset. The market’s been crazy with real estate and people are overbidding for property. 

But the fact is that real estate is a tangible investment that you can drive by, touch, and feel. There is great security in that it’s not going anywhere.

There’s multiple streams of income on an asset like real estate. Think of the rents you’re collecting from the tenants, or the overall appreciation in property value if you bought at the right time in the right area.

New Possibilities With NuView

The important thing to know is that these investments are possible with a NuView self-directed retirement account.

The IRS doesn’t actually dictate what we’re allowed to invest in, in our IRAs. They only tell us that we’re not allowed to invest in two things: life insurance contracts, and collectables. But most people just invest in stocks because they don’t realize they have other real alternative options.

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