Episode 23: Fundamentals of Fund Structures | Your Starting Point

In this episode, titled “Fundamentals of Fund Structures | Your Starting Point,” your host Jason DeBono engages in a captivating conversation with Julian Vogel, a seasoned Fund Manager at Colony Hills Capital.

Julian is an expert in fund structures and has played a pivotal role in sourcing and structuring approximately $624 million in debt and equity for various acquisitions. Join Jason and Julian as they explore the intricate world of fund structures and gain valuable insights into the art of successful fund management.

If you’re curious about the mechanics behind fund structures and want to understand their fundamentals, this episode is your starting point. For those interested in connecting with Colony Hills Capital, visit https://www.colonyhillscapital.com/. Tune in to “All About Alts” and embark on a journey through the world of fund structures with Jason DeBono and Julian Vogel.