Episode 20: Balancing Success and Compassion | The Power of Philanthropy in Wealth Building

In this episode, titled “Balancing Success and Compassion | The Power of Philanthropy in Wealth Building,” your host Jason DeBono engages in an inspiring conversation with Glen Mather, the founder and CEO of NuView Trust. But Glen’s impact reaches far beyond his role in the financial world. He’s also the director of “Chair the Love,” a licensed non-profit organization dedicated to providing equipment and services to individuals with mobility issues, helping them regain their independence.

Join Jason and Glen as they delve into the profound influence of philanthropy on both personal and professional levels. Throughout this episode, you’ll gain insights into “Chair the Love” and how it has not only transformed lives but also left an indelible mark on Jason and Glen as individuals and as business leaders.

For those eager to learn more about this remarkable initiative, visit https://www.chairthelove.org/ and discover how you can be part of this powerful movement that combines success with compassion. If you have questions or would like to recommend a topic for us to cover, email maggy@nuviewtrust.com. We would love to partner with you on this journey, text “ALTS” to (407) 708-1853, to learn more about how to get started today.