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Craft Your Legacy Through Real Estate Investments

December 31, 2020

Watch as guest speaker, Mariana Koegel, dives deeper into the concept of crafting your legacy through various real estate investments.

During this webinar, you will learn:

– How crucial it is to surround yourself with the proper team to reach your goals

– Why you should team-up with a Realtor and how to identify if the agent will be an asset or liability to your business

– Power of planning, scheduling, and execution

The purpose of this webinar is to increase awareness of the many investment strategies available in real estate. Real estate is a powerful tool that can be used to build your wealth – a fact that is easily reached by proper planning, scheduling, and execution. Due to the severe long-term repercussions, each real estate deal can bear, it is vital to decide on the most suitable immediate next move by keeping your eye on your objectives. We must know how crucial is to understand the financial magnitude of each business decision, therefore each step in a deal must be precisely calculated.

After we identify our current assets & liabilities and attempt to foresee our future potential liabilities against our future assets, we can craft our wealth and legacy. We can also leverage retirement funds in a stable and controlled way to offset future liabilities.