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Chairing the Love in Our Local Community

March 24, 2017

The NuView team recently had the pleasure of delivering a brand new wheelchair to a local Seminole county resident who was in need of mobility in order to be discharged from the Central Florida Hospital. Glen Mather, President of NuView IRA, and Emily Brand personally delivered the wheelchair to Derrick M. in his hotel room and got to spend some time chatting with the patient about his injuries.

chair the love wheelchair foundation donation

Derrick was in a motorcycle accident 25 years ago and the MRI’s showed up fine at that time. Many years later, a pinched nerve developed in his spine leaving him hospitalized and temporarily unable to walk.

We wish Derrick a speed recovery and hope his new set of wheels donated from Chair the Love and The Wheelchair Foundation will allow him to get around smoothly in the meantime!

chair the love wheelchair foundation donation


Chair The Love, following the lead of the Wheelchair Foundation, is imbued with the spirit of giving the gift of mobility and, simply, the joy of giving.  While some causes are meant to inspire hope for change or to provide support, Chair The Love and the Wheelchair Foundation provide that change.

We invite you to join us in changing lives and to #chairthelove.

Whether you walk, run, or roll with Chair The Love, the fun and memories mean even more as all proceeds go toward changing lives across the globe and right here in the local community.