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Understanding the Players in a Self-Directed IRA Transaction – The First Step in Your IRA Success Story!

December 31, 2012

At NuView IRA, we want you to be able to share a self-directed IRA success story of your own! Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each player involved in a self-directed transaction is the first step in making this happen. When you understand the specific roles and responsibilities of each player, you can better avoid misunderstandings, unwanted surprises, and even possible fraudulent investments.

There are usually at least 3 key players involved in a self-directed IRA transaction:

1) The Investment Sponsor, Real Estate agent, or other provider
2) The Self-Directed IRA Investor
3) The Self-Directed IRA Custodian

The investment sponsor, sometimes referred to as the investment provider, offers an investment to the self-directed IRA investor. Because investment sponsors are challenged with the daunting task of raising capital to get their offering underway, many of them are now making sure that their investment offerings are open to IRAs.

The IRA investor decides what to invest in, researches the investments, seeks out qualified tax/investment advice, and directs the self-directed IRA administrator to complete transactions. What does the IRA investor get in return for all this responsibility? The valuable opportunity to achieve full diversification in their IRA and invest in what they know.

Finally, the self-directed IRA administrator provides the recordkeeping for the benefit of the IRA account holder.  The administrator is appointed by the custodial bank, to hold title to the assets in the IRA.  NuVuiew IRA serves as an administrator through arrangement with our Custodial bank, First Trust Company of Onaga.

Within this framework, thousands of clients have created their own success stories, building retirement wealth through investing in real estate, precious metals, private companies and much  more.  Share your stories with us, and we will publish as much information as you will disclose.

If you need to learn more, give our Florida self-directed IRA administrators a call today at 407-367-3472 to learn more about self-directed IRAs!