The Self-Directed IRA: What Is It and Why Should You Have One?

Listen to NuView’s rockstar speaker, Nate Hare, as he kicks off our Wednesday Webinar Series! In this episode, Nate discusses everything you need to know about Self-Directed IRAs and why you should have one.

Successful investors are ones that understand the many uses of money, and more importantly how to keep it. Keeping more of your hard-earned money can be difficult for some, especially when planning for retirement. IRAs, 401ks, 403bs, and other qualified retirement plans are a great tool to help shelter our investments away from being taxed. The question is, ‘What Do You Invest In’?

Nuview Trust Company allows investors to use their IRAs, 401ks, HSAs, and ESAs, to invest in the broadest spectrum of investments through self-direction. Self-Directed IRAs allow investors to invest in alternative assets such as Real Estate, Promissory Notes, Private Stock, Crypto Currency, and much more!