Successful Apartment Investing in a Post-Pandemic World

Listen as our guest presenter, Brad Sumrok, talks about what it takes to be a successful apartment investor in a post-COVID world.

For decades, self-directed IRA investors have used retirement funds to help fund multifamily and commercial property investments. Many IRA holders also choose to invest in these opportunities outside of their retirement accounts for many reasons, especially those looking for additional tax benefits.

Brad Sumrok will share debt and acquisition strategies in today’s post-pandemic environment and will help you understand these effective strategies on how to find, evaluate, and fund apartment deals. These are the same strategies he and the Sumrok community of investors are using to thrive in today’s market. He will also share How Investing in Apartments can help you:

– Reduce or eliminate your taxes

– Achieve financial freedom

– How to avoid common rookie investor mistakes & invest like a seasoned pro

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