Season 2 Episode 6: Navigating the Franchise Landscape

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In the latest episode of All About Alts, “Navigating the Franchise Landscape,” host Jason DeBono engages in a captivating conversation with Tariq Johnson, CEO and Founder of Franchise Empire. Tariq was able to transition from being trapped in the “golden handcuffs” of his 9-5 to full-time entrepreneur. Despite facing initial setbacks in his entrepreneurial endeavors, Tariq’s resilience and determination propelled him forward, eventually leading him to find success as a multi-unit franchisee.

Through this enlightening episode, listeners dive into the intricacies of franchising as a potential investment avenue. Tariq explains how franchising transcends conventional boundaries, offering a diverse spectrum of opportunities for franchisors and franchisees. Drawing from his own experiences, Tariq shares invaluable insights and practical steps tailored for those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. From navigating the world of franchising to deciphering entrepreneurship, this episode offers wisdom for anyone charting their course in the business world. Tune in to uncover the secrets of success and unlock the potential of franchising as an investment class.

We are thrilled to announce that Tariq is one of our esteemed speakers at AltsCon! His insights and expertise are an invaluable addition to our lineup. If you’re eager to learn more about the world of alternative investments and hear from industry leaders like Tariq, we invite you to visit There, you can learn more about our event and secure your registration. For those interested in connecting with Tariq directly or exploring the realm of franchising further, you can check out his YouTube channel: TariqJohnson, or on his company’s website:

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