Season 2 Episode 2: The Power of Property | Exploring the Real Estate Market

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In the engaging podcast episode, “The Power of Property | Exploring the Real Estate Market,” hosted by Jason DeBono and featuring guest Gregg Cohen, listeners are invited to dive into Gregg’s extensive background and gain valuable insights into the world of real estate as an asset class.

This episode illuminates the vast opportunities hidden within the real estate market. Starting out in real estate can be challenging! However, this episode offers an essential resource for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike, providing valuable information that can guide your real estate endeavors. Discover the untapped potential of property as an asset class and gain clarity on your path to success.

This episode provides a unique opportunity to learn from the expertise of Gregg Cohen, Co-Founder of JWB Real Estate Companies, whose achievements include overseeing $1.3 billion in assets and managing over 6,000 rental properties in Northeast Florida. As a visionary leader in the real estate industry, Gregg’s insights into downtown Jacksonville’s transformation with a $68 million investment spanning 20 city blocks are particularly inspiring. Recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year for Florida in 2022 and the recipient of numerous awards for JWB’s rapid growth, Gregg’s journey serves as a testament to the incredible potential within the real estate market. Don’t miss this enlightening episode that offers a glimpse into Gregg’s extraordinary journey and the opportunities that await in the world of real estate.

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