S2 Episode 19: Navigating The Different Cycles of Real Estate

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In our new episode, “Navigating The Different Cycles of Real Estate,” host Jason DeBono and guest Steven Gesis, the EVP and COO of Smartland, explore the real estate market, highlighting significant events while providing input and understanding.

Steven is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of all teams within Smartland. He ensures the Smartland vision and Smartland standards are implemented and adhered to. Before joining Smartland, Steven was an Operations Administrator at the Cleveland Clinic, where he implemented new strategies and efficiencies.

Throughout this episode, Steven emphasizes the significance of comprehending past, present, and future cycles in real estate, explaining how these insights can inform strategic decision-making. Jason and Steven also explore the multifamily market and the intricacies of leveraging a Self-Directed IRA to capitalize on opportunities within this sector. Steven brings expertise to the discussion, offering listeners actionable advice on navigating the real estate market. Through their discussion, Jason and Steven empower listeners with the knowledge and foresight needed to navigate the ever-evolving cycles of the real estate industry.

If you wish to get in touch with Steven, please feel free to schedule a meeting at: https://smartland.com/contact/

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