S2 Episode 18: Market Matters: Real Estate, Legal, and Title Insights

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Join us for, “Market Matters: Real Estate, Legal, and Title Insights.” This episode we welcome Hope Richards, owner of Richards Law, PA, and RTR Title.

Hope has extensive experience in the Florida real estate market not only as an attorney but also as an investor. By having legal and real-world experience in the real estate market she offers a unique perspective for today’s episode and a keen understanding to help her clients reach their real estate goals. Hope also serves as chief counsel for private lenders, brokerages, hedge funds, and property management firms along with consulting other title companies across the country on how to become “investor friendly.”

During this episode, listeners are treated to a comprehensive discussion encompassing multiple topics crucial to those investing in real estate, or looking to invest. From the latest title updates to legal nuances, and from emerging investing trends to strategies for raising capital this episode is a must-listen. Jason and Hope also discuss the future direction of the market and provide invaluable guidance for aspiring investors and seasoned professionals alike.

If you wish to get in touch with Hope, please feel free to schedule a meeting at: https://rtrtitle.com/contact/

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