Recession Resistant Investing with Self-Storage


The self-storage industry’s status as a “recession-resistant business” is being put to the test during the Coronavirus pandemic. But despite a sour economy, facility investors and operators will likely benefit in the coming months. Coronavirus may be relatively new to the world, but it’s created the same effects we see in the markets during any recession: downsizing, divorce, and dislocation. All of these are good for self-storage.

What most people may not be aware of, is that self-storage actually can help people through events like this. As a result, it’s become the most recession-resistant asset class.

Listen as guest presenter, Scott Meyers, talks about the advantages of investing in self-storage (especially now).

Scott Meyers teaches investors how to make the appropriate changes now that’ll allow you to continue to do business, and be intentional in their approach to investing. He recognizes that downturns are no fun, and many businesses will struggle, but he recommends and teaches how now is the time to be hyper-aware of the opportunities that’ll come on the market due to challenges and fear some owners may not be willing or have the ability to weather.

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