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Great Returns on Secured Real Estate Loan Transactions

February 20, 2014

Guest article by Mark Fixler:

You have probably asked yourself, how can I take advantage of the real estate market? Before I answer you, let me share a little history: Lenders owned nearly 660,000 foreclosed homes in April 2008, up from 493,000 in January 2008 and 231,000 in January 2007, according to First American CoreLogic, a real estate research firm based in Santa Ana, California. This surge in defaults has increased the inventory of bank-owned homes, known in the business as REO, or real estate-owned, properties. For investors in distressed properties, never in American history has there been such an attractive buyer’s market.

And now, with a self-directed IRA, you can seize the opportunity to generate an 11% annual return secured by a private real estate transaction at a 60% LTV, or loan to value. Whether you participate in a real estate loan transaction with Jag Enterprises or another company, it affords you the interesting option to receive a monthly income stream of higher interest than what is currently available in CD’s, etc. This type of transaction allows your self-directed IRA to receive a great return without the need for you to do the work in the real estate market. These types of transactions are truly passive in nature, suggesting a rare win-win scenario.

Ask yourselves: Do I want my IRA to just invest in the stock or commodities markets with potential volatility, or is there room in my portfolio to self-direct my IRA for a great income stream secured by a private real estate transaction?


Mark Fixler is the owner of Jag Enterprises LLC. Through his company, Mark has participated in more than 400 real estate transactions since 2008. He has been in business for 15 years, living and working in the Cleveland area. Mark can be reached at 440- 951-2170.