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Podcast | Using Your IRA To Invest In Real Estate, Stocks, Cryptocurrency & Even Race Horses!

June 22, 2020

On this episode of “The Jon Gil Podcast Show”, NuView Trust Vice President, Jason DeBono, covers investing in real estate (AND MORE) with your IRA.

Jason walks us through the entire process of setting up an IRA, the tax benefits, and how to begin investing through the accounts. He also discussed the following topics:

1:15 From College Intern To Entering the World of IRAs

2:21 NuView Trust Company Background

3:17 401K VS. IRA

4:52 Crypto, Real Estate, Notes & Even Race Horses: Is There Anything Your IRA Can’t Invest In?

6:29 No Limitations On Your Investment

6:58 Starting Your IRA? Here’s How To Do It

9:04 Record Keeping & Reporting

9:51 Solo 401K & Annual Contribution Limits For Self-Employed Individuals

11:28 Compounding Through IRA’s

13:22 When Do You Start Paying Taxes?

15:44 The 5 Year Rule

17:10 Partnerships Using Your IRA

18:35 Permissible Investment Asset Class

19:49 Being Creative Using Your IRA

20:32 Invest In The United States or Around The World Using Your IRA

21:20 Contact Our Guest Jason DeBono

22:12 Opening Your IRA

23:11 How Quickly Can You Fund Your Investment