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Podcast | Reaching Out To Borrowers And Keeping Up With Recent Law Changes With Dave Franecki And Jason DeBono

June 8, 2020

Recent Law Changes, Communicating With Homeowners, Reaching Out To Borrowers, IRA And 401(k), Cares Act, Note Investing

As host Kevin Shortle continues to emphasize, the strongest real estate investors moving forward will combine the best of real estate investment techniques with the best of note techniques. In this episode, he sits down with not just one but two incredible guests who share some of their interesting techniques with us. He has Dave Franecki over to tell us the under-utilized technique of reselling notes to homeowners and borrowers: sending letters. Dave is a senior note buyer, note coach, and seller financing consultant. He shows us what reaching out and keeping good communication will do to your notes business and more. On the other hand, Kevin also talks with Jason DeBono, the corporate vice president of NuView Trust Company. Here, Jason keeps us updated with the recent law changes concerning 401(k)s and IRAs in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Not to get left behind, he then shares how you can still create opportunities amidst the ups and downs in the market.

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