Podcast | Buying Investments With Your Retirement Account

Self-directed IRAs are nothing new, but in the past decade, they’ve become more prevalent as financial education and awareness increased. NuView is the “hard-working man” in a budding industry that built its name with diligence. As opposed to common financial structures, self-directed IRAs allow you to choose where your investments go – and this is where NuView stands out.

Listen as NuView Trust President, Jason DeBono, joins The Real Estate Experiment Podcast with Host, Ruben Kanya, to discuss the major benefits of self-directed retirement accounts compared to other investment vehicles.

Episode Highlights

01:50 – Background – Jason DeBono

06:00 – Individual Retirement Account

08:31 – What is a custodian? 

13:02 – Advantages of the IRA

16:12 – Two independent decisions

23:32 – Types of retirement accounts

32:28 – Two types of taxation in IRA

38:50 – How to become a professional in the business

40:41 – Who is NuView Trust Company?

43:02 – Biggest misconceptions in IRA investing