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Podcast | Alternative Accounts You Can Use For Investing

October 13, 2020


NuView Trust Vice President, Jason DeBono, explains how your HSA and ESA can be used to invest in real estate and other assets, taking advantage of wealth levers that don’t happen when you leave your accounts at work sponsored plans. HSAs and ESAs can actually be used to grow wealth, in addition to the purpose most people use them for. Little tricks like this are how wealthy people grow their wealth, which is why we love to share them with our audience!

Discussed in this episode:

  • Health Savings Account and Education Savings Account can be self directed
  • What self direction includesDetails of self directed HSA and ESA plans that can help you build wealth
  • Benefits compared to a savings account
  • Details about accessing the accounts and how to use them
  • Assets you can invest in with these accounts
  • Limitations of these accounts
  • How someone with a W-2 can get started even if they have an existing HSA or ESA


Click here to listen: http://www.tgwipodcast.com/alternative-accounts/