Passive Investing In Real Estate Syndications With NuView Trust

Today, NuView Trust Company’s very own Brian Martinez shares some key considerations for passive investing in real estate syndications.

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We are all feeling the volatility in the current stock market and, here at NuView, we are getting a lot of people calling in right now asking what they can do. They’re wondering if there are some other types of assets that they can invest their money into – outside of wall street.

What Are Syndications?

What does “syndication” actually mean?

Syndications are, basically, a group of people getting together to raise capital for common things that you might see everyday while driving down the street: real estate.

Today our focus is on real estate syndications – groups raising capital for anything from commercial buildings, to hospitals, student housing, multi-family apartment complexes, even self-storage complexes. 

Investing in these real estate syndications is a more passive way of attaining an alternative asset because you don’t have to bother with the land-lording. All you have to do is just put your money in and let it work for you, while someone else gets to do all the property management for you.

Key ideas when investing in real estate syndications:

  • There is a lot of volatility in the current traditional market.
  • Investing in syndications allows you to use your tax-sheltered retirements account(s) to fund larger-scale deals.
  • It’s also a passive investment option, making it a great way to further diversify your portfolio.

Choose Growing Markets

There’s a lot of confusion out there in the market. People aren’t sure where to put their money. So we’ve done our best to make our website a reliable resource for your investment education.

There’s quite a few syndicators we’ve brought on that can teach you a little more about due diligence and how to find out if that’s the right investment opportunity for you and your portfolio. 

To invest in real estate syndications, look for growing markets like cities that are developing. For example, in Orlando, Florida, (where our Brian lives) we’re constantly seeing new developments. 

And there are a lot of cities that are still growing – these are great markets. Right now, there are a lot of people relocating from the north to the south, which is definitely something to take into consideration.

Something To Consider

Investing in real estate syndications is a very passive way of investing. And we believe this is definitely something you should consider.

So speak with your CPA or financial advisor to see if this might be a good avenue for you to add to your retirement portfolio. 

Now, if you have questions, you can always reach out to us here NuView. We are always happy to help.

Don’t let the market dictate the value of your retirement account! 

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