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NuView IRA’s IT Department News for Current Clients

May 31, 2017

Welcome to NuView IRA’s IT Corner!

We, here at NuView, are committed to providing the best customer experience possible for our clients. This includes making sure we utilize new and expanding technologies to better your experience. This month brings some upgrades to your client portal. Upon logging into your client portal, you will find the following enhancements:

1. On your Home Tab, under the Pending Transfers/Rollover section, you will now see 2 new field displays for “Notes” and “Tracking”:

  • The Notes tab will display more detailed information relating to the status of your pending Transfers/Rollover
  • The Tracking tab will display any tracking information we receive about your pending Transfers/Rollover

2. Also on the Home Tab, under the Pending Transactions section, you will see the previously mentioned  “Notes” field that will display more detailed information relating to the status of   your pending transactions.

  • We have also updated the Status tab to now show more detailed status information to help clients understand the status of their transaction.

3. In addition to the Home Tab you will also see the Notes and Tracking fields as well as the Additional Statuses under your Transaction History Tab when you have selected to View Pending Transactions.

4. Lastly in this month’s enhancements we a have enabled a Today’s Deposits display. This now gives our clients the visibility to confirm we have received a deposit before it goes into processing. Upon processing it will appear under “hold” for deposits until released for use.

As we move forward with new technology and bring you enhanced features, please keep in mind that we depend on the diligence of our clients to be our eyes and ears for additional features or capabilities needed in your client portal.

Thank you,

The NuView IT Department