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NuView February Update

February 5, 2019

A business partner of mine called me a few weeks ago, and after catching up, learned he was heading to the small county airport nearby to sky jump.  He had never talked about it, and although I shared my opinion, he disagreed with my hypothesis that the risk certainly outweighed the short feeling of euphoria caused by dropping like a stone before his parachute would open (hopefully).

Our clients often hear similar remarks from friends, suggesting that self-directing is somehow illegal, and if not, certainly dangerous.  They say the safer approach is sticking to stock market solutions, reducing risk through mutual funds, and better than that, index funds.  Yet, the number of IRA clients that self-direct with NuView are growing at a rate approaching 20% per year, and collectively, their asset values are growing as well.

The challenges are real – you have to find your own investments, and sometimes that can be difficult to start.  Yet we have clients that have become experts in drafting notes and buying non-performing debt, bidding on tax liens in counties across the U.S., real estate of any type, syndications, and learning to ask the right questions of those soliciting their IRA funds for an investment.

Check our growing number of webinars on our website to help stimulate your ideas.  Join us at our live Facebook events, broadcast from our offices in Orlando – better yet, make a stop at NuView Trust part of your vacation.  Our client events are legendary, and generally free, with the next one scheduled on March 7th – more information to come.

You can stalk us at NuView Trust also, not just in Florida, but through the country as we speak a various conferences, perhaps in a city nearby.  Our schedule is posted later in this newsletter and on our website.  Please stop and meet us, it will be our pleasure.

May God continue to bless you and your family,