NuView Client Success Story: Work Hard and Reap the Rewards


Tom M., originally from Long Island, NY, has claimed Lake Mary, FL as his home since 2007. He has become a professional real estate investor where he serves his Central Florida clients in home buying and investing in the housing market.

Like many others, Tom was previously investing in traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds. While his investments were still being managed, Tom was not satisfied with the results. After rolling over his 401K from a previous employer, investing it, and then watching all of his investments fall flat, he knew there had to be a more effective way to invest. Tom was unaware of the opportunities a self-directed IRA could open up for him.

“I think there’s a huge awareness problem in self-direction. If people were to just look into it further, it would sell itself. I remember hearing about self-directed IRAs in general and wanting to learn more, but it took a while for me to actually take the leap.”

After repeatedly passing a NuView ad on a billboard, Tom decided to finally give in and find out what NuView had to offer. Once Tom discovered that he was able to invest his hard-earned IRA in real estate, he became enamored with the idea of self-direction.

In 2014, after opening an account with NuView, Tom began buying properties with his IRA. After the first year, he was able to see all the benefits of investing in real estate. Immediately, he was seeing cash flow coming in monthly and there was good appreciation in both properties that he bought. Now, four years later, Tom owns numerous properties and continues to stay active in all of his investments.

“As I’ve grown, and learned more about self-directing, I’ve become so active in maintaining my investment properties. There is more work in it, but there’s also a reward.”

Currently, Tom’s preferred investment is in mortgage notes. By doing so, he’s able to avoid dealing with the property and he doesn’t have as much overhead, like property management. This way, Tom only has to send out an invoice and then he’s able to receive direct payments – a much simpler way to go about real estate investing, according to Tom. In 2017, Tom averaged a 16.7% growth of his investments and this year, he’s already averaged a 20% growth.

“I think retirement has taken on a whole new meaning for me after learning about self-direction. I see myself staying active in what I’m doing and continuing to make money by doing it. I would say the best part about self-directing my IRA is the creativity and freedom it allows me. Being able to put together deals and help others, while creating a stable financial backing for my family is great.”

Part of Tom’s financial freedom has allowed him to create IRAs for his underage children, which will potentially set them up for a much better financial future. He was able to do this by partnering his IRA money with his children’s IRAs and making legitimate investments that are producing income.

“I’ve had a great experience the four years I’ve been working with NuView. I’ve gotten to create relationships in the office, and through those relationships, I’ve learned a lot – things to do, things not to do. I’ve also taken advantage of the educational meetings, which have, in turn, helped me learn how to do things safely and profitably. And most importantly, I know that I always have someone to bounce my ideas off of, making sure I don’t do anything to spoil my IRA.”