NuView Client Success Story: Self-Directed Freedom

Longtime NuView client, Richard, currently resides with his wife, Dolores, in Stuart, Florida, where he works as a professional real estate investor. Since getting his start with NuView in 2006, Richard has been able to directly invest his hard-earned retirement funds in what he knows best – the real estate market.

Richard first learned about self-direction in 1989 on an investment cruise, but it wasn’t until a  few years later, when he had the opportunity to hear NuView CEO, Glen Mather, and Vice President, Jason Debono, speak about self-directed IRAs that made him want to get involved with it. Meanwhile, he was trying his luck with the stock market – which he later admits was a waste of time.

“I was 66 years old when I retired,” Richard said. “I had a fairly comfortable retirement future with a small pension and an eight-unit apartment house providing some income stream. Then I really did retire from the stock market and life began for us.”

After opening an account with Nuview Trust, Richard and Dolores started their self-directed journey as private lenders in the note business. Between the years of 2006 and 2019, their gross income has tripled. Richard acknowledges that converting their Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA was a major contributing factor to their financial success.

“It was difficult, and we really bit the bullet, paid the taxes, and removed ourselves from our RMD obligation every year. I recognized that the RMD was not only causing me to pay taxes, but it continued to reduce my principle – money I could be loaning on a quality note.”

First position loans are Richard’s preferred investment method, typically involving less risk in each deal. He and his wife have roughly 25 new income payments in their Roth accounts monthly, with an average return of 10 percent per investment.

When asked what Richard believes the most important part of self-directing is, he suggests that everyone take full advantage of the opportunities available within their accounts. The amount of freedom that a self-directed IRA grants you will open more doors for you than you may think.

“Investing with a self-directed IRA is easy and convenient. Over the years we have seen a lot of change with Nuview but the one thing that constantly remained was their wonderful customer service.”

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