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NuView Client Success Story: Out With the Old, In the With the New

October 2, 2018


NuView client, Craig H., currently resides in Central Florida and claims general contracting as his main profession. Along with his general contract work, Craig manages several rental properties and previously owned his own financial investment company. With his background knowledge in finances, Craig realized that not all financial companies were totally “transparent.” After working with previous companies, he felt the need to branch out and look for something more client driven – rather than being another name on a list.

After using brokerage firms for five years, Craig discovered NuView and began leaning on self-direction for a better financial path.

“It feels like a much more tangible investment than what I had in the traditional brokerage firm.  I know that self-directing my IRA is something I can control a lot better – just the fact that I don’t have to leave my investments up to someone else is comforting.”

Craig’s first taste of success came in his first self-directed investment. In his first year after opening an account with NuView, Craig bought a piece of vacant land with his IRA for $60,000 and within a year, sold it for $250,000.  He has continued with the buying and selling of properties ever since.

“I’ve been in the industry for 30 years, so I know real estate pretty well. One thing that I don’t like, is that I’m so invested into real estate, that I’m at the point where I want to start doing some diversification. That’s where I’ve taken more into mortgages— things that I don’t have to worry about reinvesting, reselling and that take very minimal management. A lot of my real estate portfolio right now, I’m turning around and starting to sell, and either doing it on a lease option or holding paper on it.”

In the six years that Craig has been a NuView client he has turned his IRA into a 1.5-million-dollar account.

“Originally, I saw myself retiring at 55, but now I don’t think I ever really want to retire. I see the construction company as work, but self-directing doesn’t take any time—I basically stay a third-party. I’m making money but staying management free.”