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Market Trends & Success Strategies for Commercial Real Estate in 2020 & Beyond

June 24, 2020

Many novice investors choose to purchase residential real estate and rent it out to generate passive income. While this is a widely popular investment choice, it’s not the only type of real estate that can give you the return you’re looking for. As you are considering your investment options, you should be reminded to look outside the typical single-family homes.

Have you considered commercial real estate investing? Commercial real estate refers to any non-residential properties used for commercial purposes — most commonly, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and office buildings. In most cases, these properties are multi-tenant, making the risk of default lower and making you as an investor less reliant on a single tenant for rental income.

For real estate investors today, it’s incredibly important to stay up to date on the current market forecast and trends. By doing this, you may just end up benefiting more than you could’ve imagined.

Watch as guest presenter, Joshua Harris, dives deeper into economic trends and market forces that could impact the commercial real estate markets going forward in these interesting times.

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