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NuView Client Success Story: Lucrative Investing in Limited Partnerships

March 6, 2018

Scott learned about self-directed IRAs from a Broker/Dealer he works with and was attracted to the tax management benefits that can be achieved when holding non-traditional assets in an IRA.

In 2008, Scott opened up an account with another Self-Directed IRA Custodian and made an investment as a limited partner in a real estate development project. He then heard about NuView Trust at a broker/dealer investor event where one of NuView’s Representatives spoke about our company and services offered.

Scott has since done 6 investment purchases via his NuView IRA account and says that “I prefer investing in limited partnerships because I believe that I can obtain a more favorable return on investment.  My accounts at NuView have outperformed the stock markets.”  In addition to limited partnerships, Scott uses his NuView IRA to invest in real estate and several other alternative assets.

multi-family real estate development


When asked about his biggest deal to day, the story is fascinating!

“I invested in a multi-family real estate development limited partnership via my NuView IRA.  In less than three years the project was sold and returned 170% of my original investment equating to approximately a 25% annual return.”

Scott mentioned that he specifically enjoys working with NuView Trust because our team is easy to work with and are knowledgeable with extensive experience in a variety of self-directed alternative assets.

We asked Scott if he had any tip for fellow self-directors and he shared the following:

“If you invest in alternative assets already, ask the sponsor if their program is approved for self-directed IRA accounts.  I’ve found that most are, and if they are not, they often change their program so that it is.”

Thank you, Scott, for sharing your experience and successes investing with your self-directed IRA! We welcome all NuView clients to share their story with others in our monthly newsletter!