Learn How to Invest in Turnkey Real Estate Rentals

Real Estate investing has always lagged stock market investing when it comes to data and analytics-driven decision making. Where stock market investors have had past performance trends and triggers impacting future performance, real estate investors have had to rely on driving by neighborhoods and tribal knowledge.

What many real estate investors may not be aware of, is the benefit of holding rental real estate in an IRA and the tax benefits that come with it. When properties are purchased using an IRA, no taxes are due when rental income is received, or when the property is sold. There is no need to go through the expense and complexity of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, as the entire IRA is tax-deferred (tax-free within a Roth IRA).

Interested in learning more? Listen as we sit down with our guests, Don Ganguly, from Mynd Investor Services and NuView’s own, Lisa Rodriguez. Don will cover the best practices when investing in turnkey real estate investing, while Lisa will offer her expertise in self-directed real estate investing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– How to self-service from data-driven residential real estate investing platform

– How an intelligent Recommendation Engine serves up real estate investment properties or builds portfolios for you

– How big data analytics identify the best cities, neighborhoods, and properties in neighborhoods for investments

– How to boost efficiencies with a combination of technology and “boots” on-the-ground experts to manage your investment property

– Leverage investing in Real Estate with tax-advantaged Retirement Accounts