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NuView Trust – Institutional Solutions for Financial Professionals

July 21, 2017

Institutional Solutions for Financial Professionals: You wouldn’t go to a hand surgeon with questions about your heart. So, why hold alternative investments with a clearing firm that specializes in traditional investments?

At NuView, we are the specialists in holding alternative assets within retirement accounts. We let you focus on your clients – without worrying about the complexity that can come with holding alternatives through standard clearing firms. While clearing firms and wire houses may hold alternative assets as an accommodation, they most likely lack the speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness that a specialized alternative asset custodian can provide.

That’s where NuView Trust Institutional Division comes in – we’re your single‑source solution for alternative asset custody. With competitive rates and industry‑leading efficiency, we make your lives easier by allowing you to concentrate on selling and representing investments, while we focus on the paperwork, administration and custody.