Financial Advisors: Ignore the Opportunity of Self-Direction at your Own Peril!

As President of NuView IRA, a leading retirement plan administration company in Orlando, I have the opportunity to speak to hundreds of investors and investor advisors each month. The single-most common question that is posed to our staff is… “Why haven’t I heard about self-directed retirement plans earlier?”

IRA or retirement plan beneficiaries generally look to their CPA, attorney or Financial Advisor to inform them of their investment choices… all their choices – including opportunities outside of the conventional stock market selections. Many times clients will change advisors that appear uninformed or unaware of investment vehicles that provide more attractive returnsthan general market choices.

The Wall Street Journal recent headlines trumpeted the Billions of dollars that are flowing out of the stock market to other investment choices. This certainly has drawn the attention of fund managers, brokers and the investment community as a whole. The key is that as a fee based Financial Advisor, both you and your clients can reap a powerful reward when you add self-directed retirement services to your investment portfolio.

While most financial planners continue to offer the usual mix of mutual funds, stock, bonds, annuities and other market based investments – we are seeing the higher net worth client moving toward LLCs, private placements, mortgages and real estate as part of their retirement portfolio. The investment strategy may be increased return, lower risk, greater cash flow (especially important for clients in the distribution phase of their life) or just diversification.

The next generation of Financial Advisors will include these “non-traditional” retirement investments as part of their investment strategy – and continue to earn their contractual fees and commissions over the total assets of the client.

At NuView IRA in Orlando, we are not permitted to offer our clients investment advice – as third party-administrators and recordkeepers – we instruct our clients to seek out the best possible advisors – then make an informed investment decision. Our role is to make sure that the client’s paperwork, administration and reporting meet the IRS requirements.

As a self-directed IRA administrator in Orlando, we are approved to provide Continuing Education credit for Financial Advisors – and as such, hundreds of Advisors are learning about self-direction and the possibilities it can hold for them and their clients. If you wish to learn more, please contact your local Entrust affiliate to discover the power and possibilities of unlocking your retirement plan.

Glen Mather is President of NuView IRA, Inc., a leading self-directed IRA administrator in Orlando. He can be contacted at 407-367-3472 or