Episode 14: Small Spaces, Big Opportunities | Investing in Tiny Homes, ADUs, and Student Housing

Welcome to “All About Alts,” where host Jason DeBono and industry expert Brad Seidel explore alternative real estate investments. In this episode, they delve into Tiny Homes, ADUs, and Student Housing, revealing their potential for affordable living, increased rental income, and investment opportunities. Gain valuable insights from seasoned investors and newcomers alike, and elevate your understanding of alternative real estate investments by tuning in to “All About Alts.”

Join Jason and Brad as they uncover the profitability of these niches. Discover how Tiny Homes offer sustainable living, while ADUs provide rental income and property value appreciation. Explore the market of Student Housing and its investment potential. With Brad’s expertise and Jason’s engaging style, this episode provides valuable insights for investors of all levels. Tune in to “All About Alts” and enhance your understanding of investing in Tiny Homes, ADUs, and Student Housing.

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