Investing in Bitcoin with an IRA

December 21, 2017


Got questions about Investing in Bitcoin using your IRA? Austin provides the answer in this video.

Click to read Austin’s article on Bitcoin Investing within an IRA or hop over to our Cryptocurrency page to learn about using a Self-Directed IRA to invest in Cryptocurrency!

Watch Tyler Carter Featured on SDIRA TV

August 28, 2017

NuView’s Business Development Director and Self-Directed Investment expert, Tyler Carter, shares his knowledge on Season 1, Episode 10 of SDIRA TV. Self Directed IRA TV is a leading source for self-directed retirement investing featuring trusted experts in the industry.


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Planning 4 Prosperity 2017: 5th Annual Alternative Investment Symposium

August 24, 2017

Planning 4 Prosperity Alternative Investment Symposium, hosted by NuView Trust, brings you a one-day event packed with world-class speakers on alternative investments, client IRA success stories, along with a panel of legal and tax experts. Join us on September 8, 2017 in Downtown Orlando. It’s all about getting you excited and educated about the choices in your IRA – and keeps you moving toward financial independence.

Expert speakers include Russell Grey from the The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, (the #1 real estate investment podcast in America), Dave Zook (founder of The Real Asset Investor), Glen Mather (CEO of NuView Trust Company), Jamie Smith (Principal at Elevation Capital Group and Author of Trailer Cash), Jeffrey Taylor aka Mr. Landlord, and more!

Visit our Blog to read more about this year’s speakers and panelists.


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Date and Time

Fri, September 8, 2017

8:00 AM – 5:30 PM EDT


DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando Downtown

60 South Ivanhoe Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32804

Welcome to NuView Trust Company

July 21, 2017

NuView Trust Company is a premier, regulated Custodian for self-directed alternative investments, primarily held in IRA and retirement accounts. Continue reading…

NuView Trust – Institutional Solutions for Financial Professionals

Institutional Solutions for Financial Professionals: You wouldn’t go to a hand surgeon with questions about your heart. So, why hold alternative investments with a clearing firm that specializes in traditional investments? Continue reading…

NuView Trust – Purchasing Private Entities with your Self Directed IRA

July 18, 2017

Through a self-directed IRA, investors can take advantage of these growing investment trends through private entities and companies.

Want more info? Feel free to call us at 407-367-3472. The NuView team would be happy to answer your questions about purchasing private entities with your self-directed IRA.

NuView Trust – Self Directed IRAs for Individual Investors

NuView Trust was created to assist IRA holders in accessing the broadest range of choices within their tax-advantaged retirement funds. Continue reading…

Nuview Trust – Private Lending with your Self-Directed IRA

Private lending has become one of NuView’s fastest growing segments allowing lenders to use their self-directed IRA funds to issue private loans.

Have additional questions? Contact us today to learn more: 407-367-3472. We’d love to walk you through the process!

NuView Trust – Investing in Real Estate Using a Self-Directed IRA

July 17, 2017

When properties are purchased with cash from an IRA, no taxes are due when rental income is received, or when the property is sold.

Need more information? Feel free to call us at 407-708-1850. We’d be happy to answer your questions about real estate investing using your self-directed IRA!

NuView Trust – Prohibited Transactions & Investments

The IRS rules regarding prohibited transactions are not too complex, yet one should consult a tax advisor for specific advice.

Have additional questions? Call us today to learn more: 407-367-3472. We’d love to speak with you!